Perceptions of My World

I am concerned about climate change, the misuse of Earth’s resources and the cruel treatment of people and animals across the globe!

I have visited places where I expected to find tropical rainforest and found cleared land and slaughtered wildlife. I have visited places where I expected to see many insects, birdlife and small mammals, to find nothing …  Our world is filling with cities, industrial plants, concrete urban sprawl, and mining operations on an unprecedented scale,  causing a massive wake of general destruction of the planetary ecosystems.

Our world is under attack from human development and greedy land grabs. We have filled our world with chemicals, rubbish, poisons, and non-degradable landfill waste. We rob Mother Nature of her resources at an alarming rate and expect it to be replaced instantly.


Mother Nature is wonderful at healing herself despite our human destruction, but recently she has had to make some big swerves to counteract our constant activity, causing our atmosphere to heat up at an alarming rate, the arctic sea ice to melt and the oceans to acidify. While this will eventually find its own balance, it may be at the cost of the human species altogether. Extinctions are occurring at the most rapid rate ever recorded by scientists. And we are helping them with our ever increasing demands for killing animals for food, clothing and just pure greedy gains!


We have  only two choices… we can let Mother Nature sort it (and humans and half the planetary species will die out) or we can start to change the way we live. We must use sustainable resources only, and learn to use only that which we need. We should become more vegetarian, become kinder and more tolerant so weapons are not required, and make corruption a thing of the past. The second choice is expensive financially and requires personal sacrifice by every human on the planet,  but  it is our only option if we are to survive at all. The clock is ticking!


One thought on “Perceptions of My World

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